AIF is proud to take part in this next chapter of ViroVet, working towards an improved disease control for livestock.

ViroVet completes series C funding

The Agri Investment Fund (AIF) together with the other investors executed a new capital round in ViroVet, a leading Belgian biopharmaceutical company active in the development of innovative vaccines and antiviral drugs for livestock. The total capital raised comes to almost 20 million euros. Proceeds from the Series C funding will be used to generate solid clinical data with a second vaccine in pigs and with the BVD antiviral drug in cattle. For AIF, this is a new chapter in a story that started in 2008 shortly after the establishment of Okapi Sciences.

ViroVet pioneers in developing novel and innovative vaccines based on a unique proprietary technology platform originating from the Rega Institute for Medical Research of KU Leuven. With this technology platform, vaccines can be designed and produced faster and more cost-effectively. The vaccines are tailor-made and are thermostable thereby removing any cold-chain requirement. ViroVet has already obtained proof-of-concept in a challenge study with JEV and is now preparing scale-up of vaccine production.