We invest for a stronger and more sustainable agriculture.

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What we do

Agri Investment Fund (AIF) is the private equity and venture capital fund of the group Boerenbond (Farmer’s Union) focusing on Ag-Tech and Agro-Food companies that contribute to a more sustainable agriculture and horticulture.

We believe that sustainability entails reducing the impact on the environment, while ensuring the much needed production levels. We invest for a stronger agriculture of the future, allowing farmers and horticulturalists to provide safe and high-quality products.

Everything we do is aimed at building robust and sustainable agriculture and horticulture

A selection from our portfolio


Animab uses a unique patented technology platform to produce a new class of edible antibodies.


Aphea.Bio is a leading company developing next generation biological products based on naturally occurring microorganisms.

Better Fruit

Better3Fruit has one of the most innovative and largest apple and pear breeding programs in the world.

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