Investing for a positive impact

AIF applies in its investments ESG criteria that can ultimately contribute to the SDG goals defined by the United Nations. This way, AIF invests in companies developing disruptive solutions that actively contribute to a more sustainable agriculture and horticulture.

We believe that sustainability means reducing environmental impact, while at he same time ensuring the much-needed production. We invest for a stronger agriculture and horticulture of the future, so that farmers and horticulturalists can supply safe and high-quality food at fair prices and earn a fair and stable income.

The following ESG objectives, among other things, are already being pursued today through realized investments:



  • Reducing/avoiding the use of (chemical) fertilizers and pesticides
  • Reducing emissions from livestock farming (more meat production with the same number of animals and lower emissions per animal)
  • Increasing the local supply of crops with a high protein content for human consumption (plant-based alternatives to meat and dairy)
  • Valorise residual flows from agriculture and horticulture as much as possible
    Provide sufficient alternative protein sources to prevent overfishing
  • A diverse and highly profitable local agriculture and horticulture to avoid less sustainable imports


  • Strengthening the food supply: to continue to provide sufficient, high-quality and fairly priced food
  • Increasing animal welfare and combating transmission to humans through better disease control in animals
  • Reducing antibiotic use in livestock farming to combat resistance
  • Develop stronger crops (e.g. improvement of disease and drought resistance) that are less dependent on changing (extreme) conditions
  • Providing a pleasant living environment (e.g. through the development of agricultural areas or thanks to a range of ornamental crops)
  • Strengthening the revenue model of agriculture and horticulture (fair income)


  • Good corporate governance, taking into account all stakeholders
  • No (purely tax-inspired or other) constructions
  • Respect for legislation and regulatory evolutions
The impact of agriculture and horticulture on the environment must be reduced. At the same time, this remains a strategically important sector that must provide sufficient and varied production. AIF invests in innovation that can contribute to both aspects and that therefore provides a sustainable future for agriculture and horticulture.