Develop vaccines faster and more cost-effectively

ViroVet is a pioneer in developing new and innovative vaccines based on a unique patented technology platform. This technology platform has the potential to produce vaccines faster and more cost-effectively. In addition to vaccines, ViroVet also develops fast-acting antiviral drugs that are essential for the effective control and treatment of upper respiratory tract disease in cattle and pigs. As a result, secondary bacterial infections can be reduced and thus the associated use of antibiotics can be reduced.

Focus on better disease control in farm animals

A growing world population, intensive livestock farming, globalization and climate change lead to an increasing risk of viral diseases, which can spread rapidly around the world. These disorders not only have an impact on animal welfare and the economy, but also pose a risk to food supply and safety. In addition, some of these viral diseases are transmissible to humans. ViroVet therefore not only contributes to improving animal health and to more efficient and therefore more sustainable animal production, but also helps to protect global human health.