Superior microorganisms for sustainable agriculture

Aphea.Bio wants to develop sustainable biological solutions based on naturally occurring micro-organisms to increase crop yields and better protect them against certain fungal diseases, insects and weeds, as an alternative to chemical pesticides. In addition, the company also focuses on developing microorganisms that stimulate crop growth by promoting the absorption of nutrients from the soil, so that a higher food production per hectare can be achieved with lower fertilization.

Perspective for the farmer

Aphea.Bio’s mission is to provide farmers with innovative and sustainable solutions to reduce the use of fertilizers and pesticides. The company is therefore fully committed to contribute to the ambitions to use at least 20% less fertilizer by 2030 and to halve the use of chemical pesticides, as set out in the Farm-to-Fork strategy, a cornerstone of the European Green Deal. Aphea.Bio is additionally distinctive by focusing on products that can be produced at a lower cost and are therefore extremely suitable for large volume crops such as wheat and corn.